DJ Katt

I am a versatile DJ who has made a name for himself in Johannesburg South Africa and making a few trends on YouTube via my channel where I do video and audio mixing. Music has always been a passion of mine since I finished high school.
I always get inspired by seeing other artists doing great things in music and that motivates me in my mixing style. I have had the privilege of sharing stages with some big artists when I was in South Africa, the likes of Black Coffee, Ralf Gulm, Black Motion and many more. I have also been on a lot of events that I have been both invited and or helped put together. Having studied Psychology and I.T I have the advantage of reading a crowd to know how to best play a set and as well as move with the latest in tech when it comes to club and concert equipment. I recently moved to the UAE and still finding my feet in the DJ scene while doing an online Radio presenter gig on weekends and as well as a live stream every Sunday on YouTube