Radio Musika is a community driven platform designed to increase visibility of socio-economic, cultural, and environmental ills affecting the world


music with a purpose

Welcome to Radio Musika, Music with a purpose. Our goal is to promote organic local music in the communities that we live and do business in.

Radio Musika is a community-driven platform designed to bring awareness to and increase the visibility of socio-economic, cultural, and environmental ills affecting the world. Radio Musika brings together voices from all walks of life via various Let’s Talk About programs to take on these issues and push for sustainable change.

Tune in daily to Radio Musika for the best local bands, songs and learn more about small businesses in your area, listen to fact-based discussions, ranging from arts to social causes, the environment to business strategies, and everything in between.

Karly Ekman

Social Media Manager

Jin Hou

Creative Manager

Udoy Paul

Web Master

Liliia Chigur

Web Master

Valerie Chingonzo

Recruitment Manager

Getrude Maposa

Content Manager

Nobert Dzonge

Production Manager

DJ Losa

VP Radio Musika

Jacob Katinji

Technology Director

Ru Mashapure

President RPS Group

Musika Marketplace

Musika is a multivendor community-driven marketplace that provides a platform for small businesses to sell and promote sustainable products and a lifestyle of social responsibility. From online to in-store support, we’re in this together


Mindful Marketplace

We believe that a marketplace can provide more than commerce; it can create opportunities to invest in our communities and in the lives of children because building a sustainable tomorrow starts with the young minds of today. Through our mindful commerce, we can create lasting resources in our communities to Empower, Educate, and Equip our youth for a happier and healthier world. Our Community forum and Local for Local News promotes social learning and responsible efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.