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When I packed my bags back in 2001, headed to the USA to start a new life… it was more of an adventure than anything else. When I left my job as a Customs Officer (with Senior Ranking), my Colleagues and Friends did not think that I was serious. Can you imagine, I had risen up the ranks in the then Department of Customs & Excise in Zimbabwe, and life had been very good and comfortable, to say the least.

When I relocated and settled in the USA, I never dreamt that I would one day be behind the Microphone … speaking to people all over the world; impacting and changing people’s lives! At times when you interact with people, you never know where and how far some relationships may go! I started as a Regular Listener on SARFM. To cut a long story short, all credit goes to Chaka Ngwenya (who formerly was at ZBC in Zim) who invited me to deepen my toes in the waters of Broadcasting.

My love for good music and interacting with people was a good enough reason for me to go all-in and I LOVED IT! With Chaka’s help, advice, and mentoring, I developed and mastered the Radio Skills that led to Lady Nokie being a well-respected name on internet Radios globally. They call me Queen of the Airwaves because of the impact that my Radio Skills have on the Listeners. The icing on a well-baked cake was when I hooked up with DJ Losa (Geelaw Media Inc. Owner & Founder of Zimvibes & Zimvibes Broadcasting Corporation a.k.a ZBC Radio) …

We pretty much redefined and raised the bar super high for Online Radio… so much that after we took a break from Zimvibes, it was hard for me to commit to any other Radio Station. I worked with the guys at Afrodeep Radio briefly where I was hosting a very Hot Topic Talk and a Music Show.

You see, for me, Radio is all about connecting with the Listeners. Radio cannot be about Me, Myself, and I! If Radio is about the person behind the Mic, then you will be “broad” casting to an Audience of ONE! …. For me that is futile. The way I connect with the Listeners is by knowing the Music that they want to listen to and the Topics that will get them talking and better yet, changing their lives. I just love to connect with people. Even better, is if I can listen to what they have to say … If I cannot help, my desire is to give them some encouragement and hope. If my Assignment as a Radio Personality is to offer them hope and encouragement, put a smile on their face as I keep them company; then I would have achieved some of my goals.

One of my favorite moments on Radio is to deliver Music that takes my Listener down Memory Lane. Not all memories are great, but if I play a track that brings priceless memories… for me that brings joy to my heart. This is one of the reasons that I love to encourage my Listeners to give Feedback … since I’m serving them, it’s good to know whether I’m hitting or missing the mark.

Why Radio Musika?

I strongly believe the Word of God when it says, “My people perish because of the lack of knowledge.” And that where there is NO Vision the people perish!
Rungano – we affectionately call him “Ru” … has a clear and spelled out, focused vision for Radio Musika! And I sincerely appreciate such people. Gone are the hit and miss days of “just being on Radio” without a GPS to map out your journey and your final destination. If one does not set a target or vision for anything; then they will be guaranteed to hit? …. Yes! You guessed it! If you target nothing; you will hit big, old NOTHING!

What Am I Doing When I’m Not On Radio?

After I left my Healthcare job, I founded ValourStyle which is an e-Commerce Business. I also own and founded ValourBridal. Recently, I started a YouTube Channel where I share Home Based Business Ideas and Money Saving Tips as a “Home Based Business Strategist”. To Find my YouTube Channel and to stay connected you can find it when you type in my name: “Nokie Evans” and Subscribe.
I am also very active at my Church and also I serve in a fast growing and highly impactful Women’s Ministry called Women In Progress (WIP) where we travel globally to touch and impact lives… one soul at a time. It’s all about sharing The Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ my Friend!

What I know for sure … ?

That I’m here, alive today because of a praying Mom! Yes, my Mom prays for me and my 5 siblings every single day! A big shout out and much respect for Moms who relentlessly pray for their children. You will definitely hear my heart on this on The Ladies’ Talk Show with Lady Nokie.
It is my sincere hope and desire that I have given you enough reasons to stay tuned into Radio Musika …
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